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What are English Conversational classes? tr

English conversational classes are classes that help students to develop self-confidence when learning and speaking English. Our conversation classes also assist students in practicing their listening skills, learning new words and phrases to acquire fluency. Well-planned conversational classes include activities suited for the level of the students; they should focus on practical vocabulary and conversations to help students communicate efficiently, enlarge their vocabulary and practice structures.  

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What will I learn within the Wall Street English conversational course? tr

Within English conversational courses, there are many different objectives, however, at Wall Street English we focus on helping our students develop conversational English skills. How? By carrying out different activities including:

  • Listening to dialogues or discussions by native speakers or English speakers of other native languages to help students understand different varieties of spoken English.
  • Conversational practice about everyday topics including family, friends, daily life, music, holiday, work, traditional and leisure activities etc.
  • Enlarge individuals vocabulary by learning new words and expressions.
  • Engage in activities to help students understand the meaning of conversations, improve their pronunciation, learn how to use and implement word stress and intonation, and acquire fluency.
  • Continuous practice to ensure students avoid feeling nervous or embarrassed when speaking English.

You may think learning English is impossible for you to achieve, perhaps because you have tried a number of traditional courses and experienced little improvement or progression. At Wall Street English, our modern and unique method will help you reach fluency in English speaking in a natural, flexible and efficient way.

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What is TOEIC? tr

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is a standardized test focusing on real-life working environments. The test focuses on real-life working environments and is used to measure everyday English skills for those working in an international environment. The TOEIC is useful in preparing individuals for the workforce, whilst also helping employers gain an indication of performance based on the employees TOEIC score. 

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How can I determine Return On Investment (ROI)? tr

Return On Investment (ROI) will be provided within your personalized report at the end of every month. Within the report, you will be able to gain an understanding of how your employees are learning English and their progress throughout the course. You will have a clear indication of your business ROI by your employees English improvement and results often speak for themselves.

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What is Business English? tr

Business English focuses on vocabulary, expressions, and topics around business negotiations, presentations, conference calls, etc. Our business courses at Wall Street English are specifically designed to provide students with the essential tools to perform well in a world dominated by the global economy. It will teach them: business vocabulary, business expressions, business descriptions, business explanations and business documents – letters, e-mails, memos, brochures, articles, reports, etc. For students who wish to succeed within the competitive business environment, it is fundamental to develop practical principles of grammar and communicative skills to handle business transactions.

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Who is the target market for Wall Street English? tr

At Wall Street English our courses cater for adults aged 17 and above but most importantly for anyone who wishes to improve their English skills and recognizes the value of English. Our typical clients include young professionals who are investing in their careers along with students who are looking to improve their English for academic studies and subsequent careers. Wall Street English also delivers a range of solutions for corporate instruction (B2B), as well as test preparation courses for common external examinations including IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC, PTE-A.

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How will my staff benefit from learning English? tr

The benefits staff receive from learning English differs from person to person, and is often dependent upon their reasoning for learning English. However, the most common benefits include:

  • Improved communication skills 
  • A sense of personal achievement and fulfillment
  • Opportunity to build self-confidence
  • Support and guidance for friends and family
  • Future career prospects
  • Opportunity to travel the world
  • Provides a better understanding of other cultures
  • Job promotion opportunities 
  • Increase in salary 

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What additional opportunities will our employees receive? tr

Additional opportunities that your employees will receive from enrolling on an English language course at Wall Street English include: the opportunity to practice their English, the experience of self-fulfilment with English learning, professional opportunities within the company, personal achievement, self-confidence, ability to travel, meet new people and most importantly have FUN!  

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What will our staff learn on the Wall Street English for business course? tr

Your staff will learn a mixture of general and business English. They will learn business vocabulary and expressions to understand a wide selection of situations that often happen in the workplace environment. Our courses are structured around an engaging Hollywood-style TV sitcom. Our Storylines include characters from all walks of life and encompass business, career, travel and fun. Business storylines are included from beginner to advanced levels, allowing your staff to learn English vocabulary in a business context. Our course focuses on the four key English skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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How is the IELTS exam structured? tr

Both formats (Academic and General Training) of the IELTS exam assess students abilities in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. The listening and speaking tests follow the same structure for both the academic and general training course, however, the reading and writing tests are quite different in terms of structure.

Speaking section – This section of the IELTS evaluates your fluency, vocabulary, grammatical performance and pronunciation. You will be asked to discuss personal topics, personal experiences such as your name, nationality, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

Listening section – Within this section, you will be required to discuss everyday social situations using simple, clear and conversational language.

Reading section – The reading section will evaluate your ability to read, understand the general meaning of the contextual content, and provide insight into the author’s opinions and feelings about the written passage.

Writing section – Throughout this writing section, you will be asked to compose a report highlighting and analyzing the data provided whilst also being asked to write an essay focusing on a personal topic of interest.

To find out further information about the IELTS course, please view our IELTS Exam section.

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What is IELTS? tr

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test that grades an individual’s proficiency in English. The IELTS test is available in two versions including Academic – for individuals who wish to apply for education or join an organization in English speaking countries and General Training – which is aimed at individuals who wish to enroll in non-academic courses or to establish themselves in an English speaking country. 

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